Treatment options

Consultation with alternative doctor 2

Yesterday I visited the alternative doctor in Makati referred by my friend who had stage 4 cancer, refused to take chemo (again), went to this doctor, and has been in remission for over 10 years. A lot of time was spent by the doctor explaining what diet I should follow, what foods to eat (veggies… Continue reading Consultation with alternative doctor 2

Treatment options

Consultation with an alternative doctor

My mom's dentist friend referred us to an alternative doctor whom she went to (she had cancer as well) so we went to her clinic in Cubao yesterday to consult. The theory of this doctor is that we should go to the root of the cancer or find out what are the "stressors" and address… Continue reading Consultation with an alternative doctor

Treatment options

Consultation with an integrative doctor

While awaiting my Her2 results, I decided to start consulting with other doctors including alternative, just to cover all bases. Today I visited an "integrative" doctor who combines both conventional and alternative treatments. He said, since I'm at an early stage (i.e. Stage 1), he advises to proceed with either the chemo iv or "chemo… Continue reading Consultation with an integrative doctor