Post surgery

Tumor biopsy results 

Two weeks after my surgery , I had the much-awaited appointment with my doctor for the results of the biopsy to determine if I would need chemo. My doctor fidgetted with the sheet and I almost expected bad news. But she said it came out both ER and PR positive, which is good. That means… Continue reading Tumor biopsy results 

Post surgery

My anti-cancer diet

The past few days, I've been researching online for the best foods to eat, and there's a lot of material out there, sometimes it becomes confusing. Some say, eat this, some say it doesn't do much good. I also spoke to a friend who survived cancer without chemo via alternative medicine, a big part of… Continue reading My anti-cancer diet

Breast cancer

The day of the surgery: mastectomy with reconstruction

It started with the iv connection since one can't eat 7 hours prior. Unfortunately, my experience wasn't so good - maybe the needle used was too big but when the nurse tried to do it, it was extremely painful I felt I was blacking out. I had an iv before so I knew it shouldn't… Continue reading The day of the surgery: mastectomy with reconstruction

Pre surgery

Tips on what to bring to the hospital

These are some tips on what to bring. I was scheduled to be admitted for 3.5 days from Thur night to Sunday . slippers toiletries including toothbrush , toothpaste , shampoo, conditioner , soap, lotion/moisturizer One towel is provided so your companion would need their own towel clothes for going home - easy to put… Continue reading Tips on what to bring to the hospital