Treatment options

Consultation with an integrative doctor

While awaiting my Her2 results, I decided to start consulting with other doctors including alternative, just to cover all bases. Today I visited an "integrative" doctor who combines both conventional and alternative treatments. He said, since I'm at an early stage (i.e. Stage 1), he advises to proceed with either the chemo iv or "chemo… Continue reading Consultation with an integrative doctor

Post surgery

Tumor biopsy results 

Two weeks after my surgery , I had the much-awaited appointment with my doctor for the results of the biopsy to determine if I would need chemo. My doctor fidgetted with the sheet and I almost expected bad news. But she said it came out both ER and PR positive, which is good. That means… Continue reading Tumor biopsy results 

Breast cancer

The day of the surgery: mastectomy with reconstruction

It started with the iv connection since one can't eat 7 hours prior. Unfortunately, my experience wasn't so good - maybe the needle used was too big but when the nurse tried to do it, it was extremely painful I felt I was blacking out. I had an iv before so I knew it shouldn't… Continue reading The day of the surgery: mastectomy with reconstruction