Treatment options

Consultation with oriental doctor 

Today I went to the alternative / oriental doctor referred by my husband's friend. The clinic is located in BF and basically consists of a single space with everything in it (acupuncture beds with curtains), receiving area, doctors desk, etc. The elderly Korean doctor doesn't speak English so everything is translated by his daughter in… Continue reading Consultation with oriental doctor 

Treatment options

2nd Onco says I still may need chemo… pending Mammaprint results

I got a 2nd opinion from an oncologist referred by my husband's friend and he said I still may need chemo as I am borderline, with the tumor at 1.7cm, just 0.3cm away from 2cm. He told me to take a Mammaprint test, wherein  they send a sample of my tumor to Netherlands for gene… Continue reading 2nd Onco says I still may need chemo… pending Mammaprint results

Treatment options

Consultation with an integrative doctor

While awaiting my Her2 results, I decided to start consulting with other doctors including alternative, just to cover all bases. Today I visited an "integrative" doctor who combines both conventional and alternative treatments. He said, since I'm at an early stage (i.e. Stage 1), he advises to proceed with either the chemo iv or "chemo… Continue reading Consultation with an integrative doctor