I created this blog to share my experiences with others who may be experiencing a similar journey with breast cancer. I hope this helps you as much as it helps me.

My journey in a nutshell: I had no symptoms and didn’t feel any lump. I found out through my annual check up during my breast ultrasound, they said I needed a biopsy, which yielded a malignant result. I opted for a mastectomy with reconstruction over lumpectomy with radiation since I didn’t want radiation. The tumor is 1.7cm but other results so far are good– nodes are negative, stage 1, grade 1, er/pr positive, Her2 negative — and I’m hoping and believing that no chemo would be needed. My first onco said no chemo, just tamoxifen for 10 years, but the second onco said I must have a Mammaprint test done. I am just trusting God will lead me to a good outcome as I look at this experience as a wake up call to a healthier (and less stressed) life…