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1 month on Tamox

It’s been over a month and so far so good in terms of no noticeable side effects from Tamox.

I took a long haul flight and doc advised to stop Tamox 1 day before. I also took added precaution of wearing compression knee socks and walking around some like what other people shared.

The only thing I did notice is my left arm is still not back to normal. Although I can raise it fully, there is a tingling sensation when I do so, or when the arm is massaged. I feel like maybe a nerve leading to the arm was affected by the surgery. I’ll continue to move it around and bring it up with the doc next week.

In any case, I find that my journey is practically at the end. I believe that with my good diet, healthy lifestyle , regular exercise , less stress, I have learned the lessons and the Ca will no longer recur. I thank God that my stage was early and that no chemo is needed. I thank everyone who helped and prayed for me.

I’m sending out positive vibes to all those reading this who may be in need. Be positive. Have faith in God. Good luck with your journey.