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Return to work 

Yesterday, I returned to work exactly 6 weeks after my surgery. I could have actually gone back sooner (say, after 4 weeks) if I hadn’t been busy with doctor appointments then the Holy Week holidays. But my medical leave was for 2 months, so this is 2 weeks early actually.

It feels good to be back to work, feeling “normal” again. I’m not yet too busy but I’ve resolved not to get stressed over work issues anymore. I’ve also resolved to be more positive.

I’ve started to regain my strength by walking around the village by the 3rd Week. Started with a small loop then added more distance the following times. Now (6 weeks after), I can already do slow jogging for 5k. I plan to jog at least 3x a week (from prior 1x) and walk on the rest of the days to keep fit.

I’d just like to share that even things I thought I couldn’t do, I realize I can if I just change my mindset. For example , I never got to jog on weekdays because I’d be too sleepy/lazy to get up early and too tired when I got home. Today, I got myself to wake up and jog early and it really felt good to get energized at the start of the day. So just keep an open mind and believe you can do it!