Treatment options

Consultation with oriental doctor 

Today I went to the alternative / oriental doctor referred by my husband’s friend. The clinic is located in BF and basically consists of a single space with everything in it (acupuncture beds with curtains), receiving area, doctors desk, etc.

The elderly Korean doctor doesn’t speak English so everything is translated by his daughter in very basic English. Their treatment for breast cancer consists of a “heat treatment” (because heat is needed for good circulation to make your body strong ) using a heating instrument to be applied to your body for 15-20 minutes per session , 2-3 sessions per week; as well as cupping (i.e. Ventosa) and a liquid medicine that expels the bad elements from your body. Also some acupuncture.

The cost of the above treatment is p5k per session. So, that’s p40-60k per month. That includes all 3 types (heat, cupping/acupuncture, medicine). They said these are all natural and have no side effects. The goal is to make your body strong to fight the cancer cells. It can be taken with or without chemo.

Since the cost is quite steep, I think this is something I may consider if I’m in an advanced or high risk stage.

Anyway, at least I know the options out there…