Treatment options

2nd Onco says I still may need chemo… pending Mammaprint results

I got a 2nd opinion from an oncologist referred by my husband’s friend and he said I still may need chemo as I am borderline, with the tumor at 1.7cm, just 0.3cm away from 2cm.

He told me to take a Mammaprint test, wherein  they send a sample of my tumor to Netherlands for gene analysis to see if it’s the aggressive type. This is being facilitated by a company in the Philippines who handles sending the sample there.

So I called the contact person to arrange this and find that cost is usd3600! Takes 10 working days from the time it is received there.

I did some research online and Wikipedia puts the cost at usd4k+ so I guess this is really the cost, or maybe they make it a bit lower in the Philippines. Based on the web, this is the more accurate gene testing which tests for 70genes vs what is used in the US (oncotype) which studies less genes.

So I guess I would have to wait again , but at least if I’m cleared by this test, there’s greater confidence that I really don’t need chemo. For now, I’m still believing I don’t need chemo and results would turn out good for this test. 🙂