Treatment options

Consultation with alternative doctor 2

Yesterday I visited the alternative doctor in Makati referred by my friend who had stage 4 cancer, refused to take chemo (again), went to this doctor, and has been in remission for over 10 years.

A lot of time was spent by the doctor explaining what diet I should follow, what foods to eat (veggies and fish), and what not to eat (everything else). He said fruits are not allowed (except lemon) since they also have sugar which feeds on the cancer. No dairy and milk (including soy milk) are allowed, only almond milk is ok. Any kind of bread (white, wheat, rye) and pasta (even wheat) is not allowed, only brown or red rice (max half cup a day ). Fish should be from the sea and not farmed. He said most of salmon here are Norwegian which are farmed. Even honey is not allowed, only stevia. I should eat at least 2 fist-size of veggies (organic) per meal and do juicing of veggies w lemon 5 times a day.

Then he prescribed a lot of supplements, most of which are available at healthy options. This includes: vitamin c, but ester c and not ascorbic acid which is acidic (acidic is bad for cancer, we must be alkaline)- 12k mg a day! (I only take 1k now), omega 3 (2x/day), multivitamin (2x/day), d2 (3x/d).  He also prescribed calcium and vit k2, which I did not buy yet at healthy options since I felt it’s too much at once. Then he prescribed reishimax (2x/d) which is from mushrooms to boost immune system and this is the “killer” being very expensive – he sells it at p4.3k a bottle (or p3.4k if you get it for 6 mos) – and I need 2 bottles a month. Also a probiozyme that he sells at p1k/ liter and I need 2 liters a month.

Finally, he says I should do the vitamin c direct infusion through iv, even if I take the tamoxifen. He says it’s my decision whether or not to take the tamoxifen. I appealed that maybe we skip this if I take tamoxifen and he said – it’s different from the tamoxifen so he still recommends it, but, we’ll see. 

Then, he told me to take a blood test for ca (for baseline) and another one to test for high vitamin c absorption. These cost p5k each at Healthway. 

So, this is really a radical lifestyle change and the supplements are quite expensive too. It worked for my friend though, but she was stage 4. I’m wondering why it has to be this radical for stage 1. 

Anyway, I’m thinking of maybe trying it for 1 month first, just to cut out the sugar supply to the cancer and choke it out , but I don’t think I can do this long term, or at least not all of it.

I planning to see a third alternative doctor this week, referred by my husbands friend, in bf homes, so I’ll see what they say…