Post surgery

Finally, my Her2 results are out… no need for chemo!

So yesterday, after my visit to the alternative doctor in cubao, I proceed to Asian to get my Her2 results ….

And I am so glad that it’s negative !

My doc (surgeon ) referred me to an oncologist, whom fortunately I was able to see today (despite him being fully booked til mid-April ), and he confirmed that I don’t need chemo. What a relief! I just have to take taxomifen once a day for the next 10 years.

Side effects include hair thinning, water retention (or weight gain), hot flashes and rarely vaginal bleeding/uterine cancer (but he hasn’t encountered this yet so far ).

The alternative drug, aromarase inhibitors can affect the bones , so he usually prescribes taxomifen instead . For stage 1 cases like mine (grade 1, negative lymphovasvular, negative lymph nodes, er and pr positive , Her2 negative – which are all good ), he said recurrence is around 10pct, and with taxomifen, it can improve to 5pct.

I also asked whether he would advise I take other alternative treatments like vitamin c infusion, transfer factor , etc. and he said no need as I’ll just be spending extra. Also, I can just continue to eat a lot of veggies and fruits, but I can also eat meats and sweets (!) in moderation. Plus get enough exercise.

So, it was a relief hearing this! I still plan to eat healthy but I guess cAn can still treat myself to “regular” food once in a while.

Bottomline is I thank God for making everything go very well so far in this journey. I read somewhere that if it doesn’t recur in 5 years then you can already consider yourself a cancer survivor. But for me, right now , I already consider myself cancer-free and a cancer survivor!