Treatment options

Consultation with an alternative doctor

My mom’s dentist friend referred us to an alternative doctor whom she went to (she had cancer as well) so we went to her clinic in Cubao yesterday to consult.

The theory of this doctor is that we should go to the root of the cancer or find out what are the “stressors” and address these. Because if we just remove the tumor without addressing the root, the cancer will recur. She also doesn’t believe in using chemo which destroys both the good and bad cells. Rather, she believes in strengthening our immune system so the body will be strong enough to overcome the cancer cells .

This doctor explained that in the past, she used several types of tests to determine the “stressors ” like using blood or hair samples. But now she uses a faster test called “zyto” which uses NASA technology to monitor health of astronauts .

Basically, you put your hand on this devise for 30 minutes which is connected to a computer. It supposedly sends waves and measures your body’s response. Then it generates a long report of what are your stressors and what you should take to balance these.

My mom and I decided to go ahead and try it. The results I got indicated that I have a weak immune system. Many of my top stressors, aside from various viruses, were buffalo and Stevia- weird because I take neither. Also I should avoid palm oil, salt and cucumber (weird because I thought cucumber was healthy). My weak organs were my adrenal glands, lymph nodes, and ovary.

The doctor then wrote out a list of what I should take given the above – it included around 10 items including lactose, gcmaf yogurt, vitamin d3, transfer factor plus, and a host of other supplements .

Unfortunately (or fortunately ), we didn’t have enough cash to buy all of these (most were pricey ) as we each had to pay p1.5k for the consultation plus p3.5k for the zyto. They said that aside from the vitamin d, the rest are only available from them .

After we left , I googled the items and found many of them at amazon, some at the same , some at higher and lower prices .

By sheer coincidence , that same afternoon , an aunt texted me suggesting I take transfer factor (which she has been taking with positive effects) since she heard about my cancer . Her friend gets it at a volume discount at p3.15k per bottle , vs the p5k price being sold at the clinic . Since it got a lot of good reviews at amazon too, I proceed to buy a bottle from my aunts friend . This supplement is supposed to boost your immune system.

So anyway, before I left I asked the doctor if these items can be taken at the same time as chemo or the meds/hormone therapy – she said yes, although they take a longer time to work because chemo is negating their work; but it’s still better than chemo with nothing.

I was semi-convinced about this whole thing but in the end, given the high prices of the items, it makes one wonder if they just want to make a profit out of you . The zyto is also doubtful because apparently , the results can’t be replicated . And some of the results were too weird.

I don’t regret going because I think it’s part of the research process to check all options. And some of these items on the list are certainly worth considering – hopefully, this transfer factor will have good results on me as well.