Treatment options

Consultation with an integrative doctor

While awaiting my Her2 results, I decided to start consulting with other doctors including alternative, just to cover all bases. Today I visited an “integrative” doctor who combines both conventional and alternative treatments. He said, since I’m at an early stage (i.e. Stage 1), he advises to proceed with either the chemo iv or “chemo pill” and then do an alternative treatment at the same time to help repair the damage caused by the chemo. This alternative treatment is basically a high dose of vitamin c (with some other minerals ) given through iv. Also he recommends an alkaline diet which avoids meats, sugar, white rice /bread, etc.

But for patients with stage 4 (or high stage 3), he would recommend not to do chemo anymore as it would be a matter of prolonging the life with a good quality.

The dose would also be less strong and less frequent if I would be taking the chemo pill vs the iv . They also could do acupuncture to counter bad side effects depending on what side effects I get.

So I think this seems like a good middle ground to address the negative impact of chemo. Tomorrow, I’m consulting another doctor. Will post results. For everyone out there, suggest you study all options. Good day 🙂