Post surgery

Tumor biopsy results 

Two weeks after my surgery , I had the much-awaited appointment with my doctor for the results of the biopsy to determine if I would need chemo.

My doctor fidgetted with the sheet and I almost expected bad news. But she said it came out both ER and PR positive, which is good. That means it can be treated with medicine (hormonal thereapy). However, the Her2 result was inconclusive (i.e. Neither negative nor positive ) and she thus advised to get a further test called FISH.

If the FISH result yields Her2 positive, I would still need chemo. Although my doctor said the chemo now is not like before with vomitting, etc. although it would entail hair loss and feeling weak for 2-3 days.

I have been searching the web for statistics on chemo, and the weird thing is the articles I have found cite that chemo improves outcomes in 5 years by only 2pct. The highest stat I found is it improves by 30-40pct. That’s still below 50pct! There’s also articles that say 80pct of doctors surveyed wouldn’t do chemo themselves.

But I don’t know if these are outdated.

Still praying for Her2 negative, so won’t need chemo …. will find out by March 27.