Post surgery

My anti-cancer diet

The past few days, I’ve been researching online for the best foods to eat, and there’s a lot of material out there, sometimes it becomes confusing. Some say, eat this, some say it doesn’t do much good.

I also spoke to a friend who survived cancer without chemo via alternative medicine, a big part of which was a controlled diet.

So after all the research and advise from my friend , I devised a meal plan for myself as follows:

1. Pre-breakfast

  • juice from 1 lemon – all sites cite lemon as a top anti-cancer fruit

2. Breakfast

  • Fresh Buko juice (4-5x/wk) or orange juice (2-3x/wk)
  • banana (4-5x/wk) or apples (2-3x/wk)
  • vitamin c, e, omega fish oil w co-q10, turmeric
  • get some natural sunlight

3. Snack

  • fruits – watermelon or melon or pineapple or grapes or apple or papaya (berries like blueberries , cranberries , etc are also very good but hard to find in the Philippines – must be fresh of course )
  • can also snack on walnuts, almonds, macadamia ( not cashew or peanuts)

3. Lunch

  • leafy salad with tomato, carrots, cucumber, red bell pepper, etc
  • can be also with sardines, tuna, chicken
  • guyabano or other fruit-veggie juice (from juicer)
  • calcuim with vitamin d

4. Merienda

  • 1 slice whole grain rye bread with cottage cheese or pesto (homemade using walnuts) or mushroom w egg

5. Dinner

  • veggies, preferably organic  (broccoli, cauliflower , asparagus, cabbage, squash, eggplant ) cooked in extra virgin olive oil (as fast as possible to retain nutrients )
  • fish (4-5x/wk; salmon, tuna, mackerel or other fish but not tilapia, bangus or “farmed” fish) or chicken (2-3x/wk, preferably organic) which is not fried (can be “fried” in airfryer by spaying a little olive oil), without iodized salt (a little sea salt only), without cream/dairy/butter, with garlic onions and other good herbs
  • brown rice maybe 2-3x/wk only if food is “saucy” (like salmon sinigang)
  • vitamin c, turmeric
  • green tea or ginger tea

I will avoid all of the ff: 1. Sweets, chocos, ice cream 😦 , 2. Bottled juices, ice teas, soda (only water or fresh juice allowed), 3. White rice, white bread, white pasta (must be brown, whole wheat ), 4. Junk food (tho I’ll try to make my own fried sweet potato in the air fryer ) , 5. Beef and pork, 6. Processed foods like canned food, ham, bacon 😦 , 7. Alcohol and coffee, which I don’t really take anyway .

I think it’s just a matter of getting used to it. I’ve been eating salad for the past weeks and I like it, I feel the freshness and it’s not a “sacrifice” to eat. Fruits too are always a treat. So really, it’s not bad at all. 🙂