Post surgery

Removing the tube/ drain

I was a bit anxious/scared about removing the tubes/drain because I read a post/blog by someone who said it hurt, although only for 5 seconds.

But It was already day 10 after surgery and liquid was down to 30cc per day for past few days, so it was time.

So I was lying down, closed my eyes and doc said – take a deep breath, which I did. I felt some tugging then doc said – are you ready? That was just practice, take another deep breath. I braced myself again for pain… then he said – just kidding, it’s finished already. What?? Ok, so it didn’t hurt after all! What a relief!

The wound will heal in 24 hours so it was wrapped in gauze and waterproof dressing, and so it was goodbye to the tubes and drain, another step towards recovery. 🙂