Post surgery

Your post-surgery bra

For those undergoing mastectomy with reconstruction, you will need a post-surgery bra to keep your implant in place. 

Ask your surgeon if they will bring one for you or whether you should buy it in advance. But ideally, you should not leave the hospital without it. The bras open from the front which makes it easy to put on given you can’t move an arm too much and they are elastic/compression like a binder. 

I can recommend 2 suppliers of this in Metro Manila. I bought from both of them as they were referred by my doctor and they are both reliable. I simply checked their website, called them to make my order, paid by depositing to their bank account, then they have it delivered to your address, which I received the following day. 

  • Body form – (0917) 576 3432
  • Confianza – (0920) 981 3536

Cost depends on the model – I got mine for p3k and p5.6k. There are lower priced models but it’s currently out of stock. 

Good luck!