Pre surgery

Tips on what to bring to the hospital

These are some tips on what to bring. I was scheduled to be admitted for 3.5 days from Thur night to Sunday .

  • slippers
  • toiletries including toothbrush , toothpaste , shampoo, conditioner , soap, lotion/moisturizer
  • One towel is provided so your companion would need their own towel
  • clothes for going home – easy to put on- loose shirt with front opening buttons and shorts or skirt , underwear
  • socks in case your feet feel cold while confined
  • sweater as the hospital is usually cold
  • eyemask as a dim light will be left on at night
  • your own desired food or drinks as not all hospitals have good food . I brought bananas which is my usual breakfast. I only ate the hospital food once . My mom brought us packed food like adobo which we could microwave there . If so, don’t forget utensils like spoon , fork , plates and cups for your companions or guests . Sponge and dish soap if you intend to wash.
  • your iPad or gadgets , books , music to keep you busy
  • your Phil health forms which you get from your hr. There are 3 forms to bring, ask your health card provider for details .
  • of course your health card and credit card or cash for paying the balances . You can ask your health card what is your limit. In my case it was p230k. But I still needed to shoulder 20pct of the room charge.

what not to bring

  • pillows and blankets are not allowed to avoid contamination . We were given 3 pillows which we could take home.
  • You don’t need too many clothes as you have to wear the gown the whole time- only 1 set of clothes for going home
  • electronic items like blow dryer, kettle, rice cooker etc are not allowed. Gadgets like iPad and laptop only are allowed .