Post surgery

Tips on hospital confinement and what to expect

I guess all hospitals are different but here’s some advise based on my experience at Asian Hospital .

1. My husband was so very glad to find out from my cousin that you can actually rent an extra bed for the companion (p450) . This was much more comfortable than sleeping on the pull out chair or window seats which weren’t long enough to stretch ones legs.

2. I also learned from my cousin that you can request a bed shampoo. I don’t know if there was a charge for this but didn’t notice any on my bill. They bring basins and shampoo you while you lie down in bed – really refreshing!

3. On the first night after your surgery , they will be coming in every hour to check your vitals. It’s hard to sleep but at the point, I was just glad to be alive and it was comforting to know they were checking in case a problem would arise. Just warn your companion about this so they know what to expect.

4. Checking out takes some time, a long time. I know once the doc says you may be discharged, you will be itching to leave that very minute. But, be ready for a long wait. In our case, 5 hours (7pm to 12mn). Apparently it can take a while to contact your health card coordinator and get approvals from every single department you passed through (OR, etc) where a senior person has to sign. Knowing that this is what usually happens should help temper those nerves.

5. To help expedite the above, submit your Philhealth docs early on the day of your discharge. I also had to call the health card myself to request them to call the hospital since it was hard getting hold of their liaison officer.

6. Just like a CS, you’ll be asked by your doc to start walking on the day after the surgery. Not easy but something you just gotta do. Take it gradually by sitting up first to develop strength. Don’t make it too sudden to avoid getting dizzy.