Breast cancer, Pre surgery

Ultrasound guided core biopsy on left breast

For those about to take this procedure, I am sharing the details of what happened. Don’t worry, it is not painful.

As you know, it is an outpatient procedure and I drove myself unaccompanied to and from the hospital.

So I changed top only to the hospital gown with opening in front. Then I lie in this bed where they put a folded blanket under my left shoulder and my left arm is raised above my head. My arm gets tired in this position as I had to wait for the doctor for some while then the procedure took around 20 minutes. They use an ultrasound to locate the cyst which you would see on the screen beside you. They put local anesthesia so your breast becomes numb. Then they obtain the biopsy samples by inserting a devise with a pointed end/needle  where they press a trigger to get the samples . I counted around 10 samples. You feel it but there’s no pain. Then they put a surgical tape on the wound and wrap your breast in gauze.

I waited a few minutes to recover. I’m instructed to remove the gauze the following day before bathing and just to keep the plaster on the would , which can be wet. Also to avoid lifting with left arm. And to take Arcoxia for pain (another post on this ).

Results would take around 4-5 days. The killer really is the waiting. There is minor discomfort but I didn’t need pain killers.

Here’s how the results look like: 

Yup , that piece of paper confirmed that I have cancer. After reading that description , all I wanted is to have it removed , all removed .